Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January snow storm

   As I sit her watching the snow pile up outside and contemplate going out to shovel I sit with my computer and seed catalogs planning this summers garden. I can see the little white mounds in the yard and know that underneath the raised beds lay dormant, waiting for the warm weather and sun to bring them alive again. The birds are at the bird feeders braving the wind and snow giving the promise that in a few short months they will also be enjoying the warm sun and the sunflower seeds fresh form the garden.
   I have planned the vegetable garden and have ordered some seeds. I would like to get an early start on the onion seeds and a lot of the flowers. I think I'm going to try and grow the begonia,dusty miller & impatiens that I usually buy at the local garden center. I've got tons of flower seeds that I'm going to start @ the end of Jan. early Feb. I will need them for the flower garden and containers that I put around the house.
 I think, if this works you can click on/ or cut & paste the link to see the veggie placement page that I made.