Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Waiting for Spring

Here is my spring Christmas Tree. Started some seeds in January and will continue planting some each week until I'm able to plant outside. The red Christmas lights warm the trays and the germination rate of the seeds has been increased but it also adds to the ambiance of the living room. I've started mainly flowers such as begonia, dusty miller  petunia but I have started some of the onions and herbs this week.

Right now things look a little white still on the yard. I think there is about 4 feet of snow covering the raised beds. But I'm optimistic that soon the snow will be gone and I can start the garden. If not I'm going to have some very strange looking house plants. I wonder what squash vines would look like hanging from the curtain rods?
 So this is where I'm working for right now. We got a nice little propane heater so I can work on the porch. This way I stop tracking the soil into the house like last year. The porch gets down right toasty, even the dog has a little bed out there and stay with me. If I spill soil on the floor, no biggie just sweep it outside. No upset wife and I'm warm and happy to be playing in the dirt again.
  The seedlings are really starting to come around. Maybe a little faster than I anticipated. The geraniums already have their true leaves and the onions I have transplanted into individual cells and trimmed them down. I wont be staring any Veggies until March but it is certainly right around the corner.