Monday, June 8, 2009

Planting is done,let the weeding commence

I have finally got everything planted and then some. I've got a few more plants than I planned on. I did not have the heart to throw out any of the living seedlings. I just took spare buckets that I had laying around and potted them up. We'll see, if they grow they grow, if not, at least I gave them a fighting chance.
It was a very busy time off, I was under some pressure to get everything in. We are leaving for Florida to see Tam's dad. He is not doing very well. He was diagnosed with cancer a short time ago. So I had to get everything planted so a couple of my special friends could do the watering. At first I thought things were going to have a hard time this year because we had so much rain, everything was turning yellow and not growing. Now that the sun has been out for a few days things are taking off. I think we could actually harvest some of the lettuce for a salad this week. We have already started harvesting some of the herbs. So here are a few pictures to show everything planted, hopefully in another month I can show you full grown plants