Wednesday, April 6, 2011

 I made this impromptu Snowman from the snow that fell on April fools day. The raised beds had been completely clear of snow for almost a week. The day before I had stuck my hand under the tarp and the soil was nice and warm and very workable. I got so excited that I ran inside and started a whole tray of lettuce to plant out in a couple weeks.
 None of us was very happy to see all the snow. Oh we went out and played in it but we would have been much happier digging in the dirt. I think Pablo has actually taken up sulking about it. He goes around the house finding any bit of sun he can find to lay in. I think he is jealous of all the seedlings. He sits there on the couch just watching me water and move them around, thinking they are getting more attention than he is right now.
The seedlings don't seem to mind that it is snowing out. As long as I keep feeding, water and having the light on them they are very happy to stay inside where it is warm. I think I may have started some of them a little too early like the Cosmos & the Marigolds.                
 The Impatiens have already started to bloom. A lot of the flowers are ready to be put out when the weather starts cooperating. I will have to start potting them up soon if I can't get them out. Hopefully the nights will get a little warmer and I can put them out on the enclosed porch.
The tomato plants have all been potted up once to 3 inch pots. I will pot them up again in another couple weeks. I keep putting the fan on them to try and get the stems to be  little sturdier this year. We took a trip to Longfellow's green house the other weekend and got this little shelf. It comes with a plastic cover so I can keeps some plants outside on the porch even if the weather is a little colder. Maybe in another couple weeks I will give it a go. For now we will keep the lights on and continue to feed and water the little buggers. As always continue to THINK SPRING!!!!!!