Sunday, May 1, 2011


So, here we are May Day and all  the plants are still hanging out inside the house. Some have been moved out into an enclosed porch but none have been put in the ground. Work has been very busy and my days off have been wrought with wind & rain. I have already harvested some herbs and dried them. I think I might be picking tomatoes in my living room.
 On the few nice days we have had we started a few projects. We cleared out the old border around the tree garden and went with a precast stone blocks. The wall itself is actually a lot higher than the bed so I will have to dig up the plants, fill it in and replant. If we don't get it done soon it will have to wait until next season to dig them up. The plants are getting pretty big.

 At the fence line I'm making it a little longer. It goes just about 16 feet. I'm hoping to have it planted with shade loving perenials at some point. For right now we will use the annuals we are growing inside like coleus, dusty miller, begonia, & calendula.
 The spring bulbs have started. The crocus & daffodils are beautiful. The new Chiondoxa that we planted last fall came up wonderfully. Tulips haven't opened yet but they should with a few more sunny days.

So for now the beds are waiting for their bounty. Hopefully Mother Nature will give us some warmer brighter weather in order to get some planting done. Can't wait to get out there and get in the dirt.