Sunday, July 17, 2011

Full Bloom

Here it is finally, the garden in full bloom. June was a challenging month for this garden. We had construction going on for the most part of June. I would not have ever thought that work on the house would have taken up the whole yard. Everyday I had to go out and hose down the garden to get off all the sawdust that built up on the leaves.The construction is done and the garden has bounced back. We are now harvesting, zuke, cuke, lettuce, snow peas, peas, onions & beets. Nothing like fresh veggies for dinner.

The flower gardens have bloomed. The front perennial garden is coming along, each year I have tried to grow a new perennial to put in here.For the most part all the plants put in last year have come back. I had extra flower plants this year because I was going to expand the front garden but with the construction taking a little longer than expected it was too late to start it. So, I tried my hand at arranging them in containers. They didn't come out to bad, now just trying to find places to put them. here are some pictures of some of the container I put together.