Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm so excited- seed starting

Well I did it, I finally started some of the seeds. This week I started some of the spring flowers. I thought I would start some of the annuals I usually buy at the nursery. Why not give it a try. for $ 0.80 a pack of seeds at The Christmas Tree store I figured it would not be that expensive of a failure if it didn't work and I love playing in the soil. So here is what I planted.
First Ladies Snapdragon- 18
Dwarf magic carpet snapdragon-18
Iceland poppy-12
geraniums- 6- need to get more seeds
Marvel of peru 4 o'clock 18
Forest fire- celosia-12
Swiss giant Pansy-30
Purple Coneflower-12
Dwarf special impatiens- 36
Coleus rainbow-12
beauty mix phlox-30
sweet pea-36
orange butterfly flower-12
Blue bedder salvia-12
ST john fire salvia-12
Pacific beauty calendula- 12

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Planning, Planning and getting ready to plant

It has only been a few short months but it feels like a very long time. It did not help matters that the catalogs started rolling in early last month. The veggie part of the garden is pretty much planned. I keep tweaking it now and then but what we are planting this year is set. We have changed things up a little, more peas less squash. We didn't eat that much squash and some of it spoiled. Good for the compost but I don't like wasting it. This is what we are planting for veggies.
2- Blue Hubbard
1- Patty pan
2- summer squash
3- brussel sprout
2- pumpkin
4- Cuke- 2- straight 8 & 2 pickle
Kentucky wonder beans
little marvel peas
Sugar snap peas
3- super sweet toms
3- early girls
3- beef steak
8- roma type for sauce
6- broccoli
6- pepper- 2- banana, 2- early crisp, 2- marconi red
Lettuce- loose leaf and head lettuce
1- eggplant
1- Gourd - Birdhouse

I have just set up the rack & lights to get things going. My planting table is on the porch but I need to unpack my supplies still. Hopefully get everything set this week and start planting next week.