Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Been Awhile

It has been a crazy spring. Between work, house and the seedlings I haven't been able to get to the blog. They say starting your garden by seed can be addicting, I BELIEVE IT! to date I have started about 1200 seeds in my living room & dining room. I swear they all survived. I had to go out and buy another rack and more shop lights. Now they have all are growing tall I have branched out to 2 tables under the windows. The humidity in the house runs about 55-65% most times. One good thing is the house always smells fresh and our skin is not dry. it's like a tropical paradise in there. The kids actually had to eat on TV trays the other day because I was using the dinning room table to try and water all the plants. Watering them in itself is a big project. Watering can take up to 3 hrs if I do them all at once. I try to water a few each day as they dry out but they sometimes get ahead of me. Here are a few pictures of them hanging about the house.

Soon enough it will be time to harden my babies to the cruel harsh world of the garden. i have made their beds already for them. I have tilled them up to make it nice and fluffy for them and then layed out about 3 inches of some very nice compost I got from the Frugal Farmer in Buxton. I can't seem to get my composter cooking yet. I love the smell of compost, I know why the dog likes to roll in it. Tammy always tells everyone that my favorite aphrodisiac is Au d' compost. I think she is going to try and bottle it.

So now it is a waiting game for Mother nature to get things warmed up enough for me to start planting. Next week I will get the drip hoses set in the garden, the square foot spaces stringed off and the trellis set up. Then hopefully I can at least get the cool weather plants in, like the peas, beans, lettuce, beets etc. Well that is it for this blog tonight. I will leave you with a couple pictures of some of the spring flowers that have bloomed. Also, my cat midnight who is keeping the containers warm for me.