Monday, September 7, 2009


Well things are starting to wind down now. The pumpkins & squash are ready to harvest and be put to bed for the season. The beans & tomatoes are still producing but are starting to slow also. We just pulled up the last of our carrots. It's sad but also gives promise to the new season coming and using the lessons we learned from this season.
My niece has been helping me in the garden for the past few weeks. We are learning together and hopefully she will help me plan next years garden and be more active in it. I have really enjoyed seeing her work in the garden.
Here you can see my niece Larissa harvesting some green beans. These beans are actually growing out of the back of the compost. We never planted these beans. There is a weird shaped tomato plant growing out of the side of the other bin. As I was saying she is learning to garden and last week I was showing her how to deadhead some flowers and what it means to do that and that the flowers will actually grow back better. So, I gave her a pair of clippers and set her to work on some mums that are in the front window boxes. I was working around the corner. I could hear her clipping away and then she said to me "boy aunt Shari there were a lot of dead flowers on these". As I rounded the corner and looked to see what was going on I had to laugh because all that was left of the mums in the window boxes was green stems and some buds. They have been completely DEADHEADED AL RIGHT!!!!!!!
So I'll end this blog for now. I'll add some pictures on the end but please take a look at the slide show it is a log in it self on how the summer went this year.