Wednesday, October 21, 2009

All set for a long winters nap

Well, this is it for this season me, Tam and the kids cleaned up the rest of the garden last week. We got it all tilled up, or I should say that Teejay got it all tilled up and ready to go for next year. He did an awesome job except for that one time he chased Tam with the tiller by mistake. Larissa cut everything up small to go into the compost and saved all the seeds coming off the spent flowers. Only thing in the garden now is the brussel sprouts and they are looking mighty good. I have taken all the herbs and broke them down into smaller plants and brought them inside. We will see how they do. So far they look ok except for the basil looks a little wimpy.
The spring bulbs have been planted and this year everything is marked so no surprises next year, Maybe! All that is left to do is feed the birds and turn the compost. speaking of which, I so need to get a composter. Right now I have two bins made from wooden pallets and it works great but with the garden I generate a lot of compost and I can't get it to compost fast enough. I'm looking to get one of those tumbler ones maybe. If anyone has a thought on this let me know.
One good thing we can use the porch now. We have actually put two camp chairs and a small table out there to sit at on nice days. We had lunch out there today. I need to stop using this porch as a work porch and use it to enjoy the yard from. Next Year!!!!!!!
So it is good bye for now and see you in January, no planting but a lot of thinking going on at that time, probably will start the seedlings the end of Feb to mid March. Thanks to everyone who has read the blog and has left comments it was fun keeping track of the garden this way. Have a Happy Holidays and a safe and warm winter.